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Colleagues - please help

On December 12, 2011 Caroline Bowen’s web site moved to a new server. The home page address remains the same, but all other web addresses on the new site are different. This is a request to help spread the word about these changes in order to assist in resolving the deep linking problem, explained below.

Why move?

In August 2011, just as received its 20 millionth hit and was experiencing record numbers of visitors, something unexpected happened. The company in the US that hosted it withdrew support for the server extensions that had been in place since 1998. This meant the site was doomed to stay in a frozen form, unable to be edited, for as long as the company received its monthly fee, or until it was taken down. This was a signal to start again. Walking away from it was not an option given the way it appeared to be valued by the profession.

New site

Recreating was an opportunity to revise and revitalise the site, shed seldom visited pages and add new content. It is now hosted by iVent in Australia and was redeveloped using the Joomla! open source CMS.

As mentioned above, the home page address remains the same, but all the other URLs (web addresses) on the new site have changed.

The deep linking problem

On the World Wide Web, deep linking is creating a hyperlink (URL or web address) that points to a specific page or image on a web site instead of pointing to that site's main or home page. Such links are called deep links. Across the Internet there are still at least five hundred deep links that point to pages that existed on the old site but that are either absent from the new site, or are there under a different web address.

Help address the deep linking problem

  • If you have a web site and have deep linked to the old site, please update your link(s).

  • If you visit a site with an outdated link, please let the owner of the site know.

Caroline Bowen
Speech-Language Pathologist

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