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This is the Lighthouse Page It contains links to information and resources mentioned in Sound Reasoning. The CPD event Sound Reasoning was replace by Treatment Targets and Strategies in October 2023, for CPD events in 2023-2024.

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CPD Events with Caroline Bowen Ph D 2
CPD Information for Potential Hosts 2
CPD Resources 2
Resources Index 2
Theory to Intervention Hierarchy 3
Speech Umbrella pdf 4
Core Speech Assessment Battery 7
Quick Screener Slide Show, Data Collection, Phonological Analysis --
Pigs in Hiding (video) | Pigs in Hiding (book) --
Carl Goes to Daycare Amazon --
Nerdy Book Club's Top 10 Wordless Picture Books --
Treatment Principles Phonological Disorder and CAS 9
Stimulability Assessment Form 10
Debbie's 10 Clinically Useful Words BW 1p | BW 3pp | Colour 2pp --
Stimulability Therapy 11
Auditory Input Therapy | Naturalistic Intervention | Thematic Play 11
Articulation Therapy | Phonetic Intervention 11
Slide Show about Articulation Therapy | Phonetic Intervention 11
Smart Chute --
Metalinguistic Cues 12
Speech Sounds on Cue Australia --
Speech Sounds for Kids App --
Perceptual Therapy 12
Locke Speech Perception - Production Task Record Form 13
Slide Show re Constructing & Administering the Locke Task 14
Information for Families: Elimination of Phonological Processes --
Four Minimal Pair Interventions 15-18
Core Vocabulary Therapy 19
Timothy's Core Vocabulary words 19
Parents & Children Together (PACT) PUBLICATIONS 20
Parents & Children Together (PACT) THEORY & EVIDENCE 20
Parents & Children Together (PACT) IMPLEMENTATION 20
Parents & Children Together (PACT) THERAPY FOR JOSIE 20
Worksheets: Revisions & Repairs and the Fixed-up-One Routine 20
Patterns / Cycles Therapy --
Phoneme Awareness Therapy --
Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cueing, and Integral Stimulation 20
Traditional and Newer Target Selection Criteria 16-27
Worksheets: Complexity; Word Properties, Markedness, SSP, etc. 19
Stimulability Intervention 25
Place-Voice-Manner Chart --
Maximally Opposed | Near-maximally Opposed Words & Pictures 26-27
Sonority Sequencing Principle (SSP) 28
Pictures/words for clusters with sonority difference scores of 2, 3, 4 29
Jennifer Taps Clusters App | Cluster Cards 29
PW12 Clusters: Alliterative Stories & Activities for Phonological Tx 29
High Frequency Words as Treatment Targets 31
High frequency /s/ words 31
Low Neighbourhood Density Words as Targets 32
Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives with Low Neighbourhood Density (<11) 32
Low density /dʒ/ words and pictures 32
Phonotactic Therapy 33-38
Pictures and words: Final fricatives with short vowels (Info) --
Pictures and words: Final velars with short vowels (Info) --
Pictures and words: Final voiceless stops with short vowels (Info) --
Favoured final consonants (Info) --
'Palindrome Words' --
Alveolars with high front vowels (Info) --
Spotty Snap (Info) --
Trochaic sequences #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 (Info) --
Long words --
Butterfly Position / Butterfly Procedure for lateral/palatal fricatives --
Controversial Practices - Article 39-40
Controversial Practices - Articles, References, Abstracts --
Controversial Practices - Slide Show --
References 41-45
PW12 45-50

Worksheets on page 38 of the 2016 'Sound Reasoning' handout

Chaining to 'force' /s/ into the word initial position: messy-sea, fussy-sea, etc.
Chaining to 'force' /f/ into the word inital position: coffee-Fi, toffee-Fi, etc.
Chaining to 'force' /k/ into the word initial position: monkey-key, etc.,and walking-king, etc.
Working from 'key' to produce words with initial /k/: key-Keith, key-keep, etc.
/h/ SIWI #1 | /h/ SIWI #2
Aspiration trick for stop insertion: for /f/, and for /s/, and for /ʃ/
Aspiration trick for pre-vocalic voicing of /p/ and /t/, and /k/
Aspiration trick for the voiceless affricate (e.g., chin produced as tin)
Eliciting /ʃ/ s-you-shoe, etc.
Chaining to 'force' /n/ into the word initial; position: honey-knee; money-knee, etc.
Working from 'la' to produce 'la-words': la-la-llama-llama, la-la-laugh-laugh
Eliciting /tʃ/: got-you (gotchew); got-ya (gotcha) #1
Eliciting /tʃ/: #2 wet-sheep-cheep, and #3, and #4
Eliciting /tʃ/: t-you-chew, etc.
Eliciting /r/: The Treasure Trick (Information and pictures)
Eliciting /r/: Using linking-r: her-ice, her-eyes, her-rose, etc.
Eliciting /j/: Eeyore
Successive Approximations (scroll to the foot of the page)
Modelling and Recasting slideshows (3)
Revisions and Repairs (the Fixed-up-one Routine)
Vowels in words and Vowel minimal pairs
Minimal Pair word lists #1
Minimal Pair word lists #2 and all English consonants word initially where applicable
Red Flags for Speech Impairment
Communicative Temptations
Multilingual Children's Speech














































































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