About Caroline Bowen's website

Since 1998 www.speech-language-therapy.com has provided balanced, theoretically sound, and evidence-based where possible, information and resources (site map) to consumers, Speech-Language Pathologists/Speech and Language Therapists and students worldwide. The site's content is copyright, reflecting the professional, clinical and teaching activities and small body of research (ORCiD) of its owner, Caroline Bowen, who is interested in children's speech sound disorders (book) and the role that families may be able to assume in intervention. Caroline is also interested in ICT, including social media for professional purposes, co-administering the @WeSpeechies RoCur. She can be contacted by email, but before writing please note her policy on questions, and be aware of the site's disclaimer and privacy policy. The site is made possible by the generosity of donors, to whom sincere thanks are extended. She declares no conflicts of interest.

As of September 1, 2011 Dr Bowen no longer sees children for assessment or for ongoing intervention. Neither does she perform second opinions. Now semi-retired, from January 2015 she reduced her CPD activities and travel, but continues to carefully consider all invitations, wherever they are from. There is information here.



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