Privacy Policy


True to the Speech Pathology Australia Code of Ethics and the HONcode Principles, the privacy of consumers of Speech-Language Pathology services and site visitors, is respected.

The site owner, Dr Caroline Bowen, undertakes to honour or exceed the legal requirements for health service providers that apply within the OAIC Guidelines in the Commonwealth of Australia.




The information provided on speech-language-therapy dot com is designed to support, not to replace, the relationship that exists between a client/site visitor and their speech-language pathologist (SLP) / speech and language therapist (SLT).

Questions and Answers About Privacy

How is information from visitors to this site collected? 

No information is actively requested, solicited or collected.

How is information from visitors to this site used?

When visitors to this site mail or email the site owner with questions or information relating to speech-language pathology clients, or potential clients, the contents of their emails, including the sender's identity, and any personal and medical data, are treated in strictest confidence and are not sold, shared or circulated in any way, shape or form.

The contents of mail and email relating to products; speech-language pathology / speech and language therapy services nationally and internationally; job searches and volunteering opportunities; scientific research; policies; procedures; and clinical practices and management, may be published on this site. For example, the contents of email may or may not be anonymised for inclusion in the print and electronic versions of Webwords Columns, or in the Articles of Professional Interest and CPD sections of this site. Where relevant, correspondents are identified.

What security measures are in place?

No security measures are in place. This is a non-commercial Speech-Language Pathology web site. No financial transactions take place on this site and no credit card details or other financial details are collected or shared with third parties. Secure donations to the maintenance of the site can be made via PayPal.

Do you use cookies?

Cookies are not enabled on this site.

If I email you, will you send me email on a regular basis, or add me to a mailing list?

Your name will not be added to a mailing list, and you will not receive "offers" or unsolicited information.

Advertising, editorial, and sponsorship policy: does your site host advertisements?

No, this site does not accept advertising of any kind, including sponsored advertisements. It is also free of banners and pop-ups (including behaviour-driven pop-ups, exit pop-ups, and pop-under and pop-over ads). Please do not email or telephone the site owner with sponsorship placement proposals, article placement offers, and the like.

Public forums: is information posted to E3BPforSSD private?

E3BPforSSD is classified by Facebook as a "private" group. However, information posted to is NOT private. Please bear in mind that any information that is posted therein becomes public information and that there is an obvious need for you to exercise caution with regard to disclosing your personal information, or privileged information.

More information: where can I find out more about your privacy policy?

Visitors to with questions that are not explicitly covered in this Privacy Policy may ask Caroline Bowen.

Do you update your privacy policy?

This site, including the Privacy Policy, is revised periodically. New versions of the policy will be posted on this page, and visitors are cordially invited to check for updates.

Is your disclaimer current?

The site's disclaimer is current.

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