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Substitution Processes (Systemic Processes)

SIWI minimal pairs
/t/ vs. voiceless affricate

SIWI minimal pairs
/s/ vs. voiceless affricate

SFWF minimal pairs stops vs. palatal fricative and affricates

tear chair
tease cheese
tin chin
top chop
talk chalk
ticks chicks
tiled child
tip chip
tips chips
tore chore
two chew

sore chore
sum chum
sip chip
sick  chick
sat chat
Sue chew
silly chilly
soak choke
suck chuck
sill chill
search church

rat rash
out ouch
write rice
cat catch
late lace
hut hush
mat match
road rose
head hedge
hit hiss
coat coach

SIWI minimal pairs voiced vs. voiceless alveolar stops

SIWI minimal pairs voiced vs. voiceless affricates

SIWI minimal pairs voiceless velar stops vs. alveolar stops

deer tear
die tie
din tin
doll toll
door tore
doze toes
dent tent
dead Ted
dim Tim

jeer cheer
joke choke
jeep cheap
Jane chain
jaw chore
jump chump
jest chest
gin chin
Jess chess

car tar
core tore
cape tape
cub tub
cool tool
cap tap
key tea
call tall
corn torn

SIWI min pairs voiced velar vs. voiced alveolar stops

SIWI minimal triplets
voiceless fricatives

SIWI minimal pairs
/k/ vs. /g/

gaze daze (days)
gig dig
go doe (dough)
game dame
gust dust
gum dumb
gash dash
grip drip
grab drab
groan drone
gate date
got dot
Guy die (dye) 
guide died

sort fort short
sore four shore
sign fine shine
sell fell shell
seat feet sheet

cap gap
gate Kate
game came
gum come
coat goat
coast ghost
cot got

SFWF minimal pairs
/d/ vs. /t/

SFWF minimal pairs
/k/ vs. /g/

SFWF minimal pairs
/p/ vs. /b/

cord caught
bird Bert
wade wait
wed wet
bad bat
bead beat
ride write
sad sat
hid hit
sword sort
pod pot
feed feet
road wrote
weed wheat

peck peg
buck bug
pick pig
lock log
back bag
stack stag
tack tag

cup cub
nip nib
cap cab
lap lab
rope robe

SIWI minimal pairs
voiceless vs. voiced

SIWI minimal pairs
/h/ vs. /t/

SIWI minimal pairs
/h/ vs. /f/

peach beach
town down
fan van
pole bowl
peas bees
pie buy (bye)
pear bear
sip zip
pig big
tore door

hop top
hall tall
horn torn
high tie
hose toes
hair tear
hen ten
hot tot

hat fat
hit fit
hold fold
hive five
hall fall
horse force
hall fall
heel feel
hole foal
hairy fairy

SIWI minimal pairs
/h/ vs. ‘sh’

SIWI minimal pairs
/s/ vs. /h/

SIWI minimal pairs
/l/ vs. /s/

hall shawl
head shed
horn Sean
horn Shawn
harp sharp
hop shop
hook shook
high shy
hut shut
heap sheep
hoe show
hair share
heat sheet
hip ship

sauce horse
soup hoop
sold hold
side hide
sit hit
sand hand
suit hoot
sole hole
soap hope
seat heat
sip hip
seal heel

line sign
low sew
lock sock
long song
lick sick
lip sip
lend send
lift sift
lead seed
look sook

SIWI minimal pairs
/w/ vs. /r/

SIWI minimal pairs
/f/ vs. /w/

SIWI minimal pairs
/v/ vs. /w/

one run
wig rig
wing ring
wok rock
whale rail
wake rake
weed read
witch rich
wave rave
west rest

feel wheel
fig wig
fight white
fork walk
fall wall
fish wish
feel wheel
full wool
fail whale
fade wade

vest west
veil whale
vine wine
vet wet
volley Wally
veal wheel
Vic wick

SFWF minimal pairs
‘sh’ vs. ‘ch’

SIWI minimal pairs
‘sh’ vs. ‘ch’

SIWI minimal pairs
/l/ vs. /d/

mash match
dish ditch
wish witch
wash watch
cash catch
hush hutch
crush crutch
marsh march

shops chops
shoes choose
ships chips
share chair
Shane chain
shin chin
sheep cheep
shock chock

lots dots
log dog
lazy daisy
leap deep
love dove

SIWI minimal pairs
/n/ vs. /l/

SIWI minimal pairs
/f/ vs. /d/

SIWI minimal pairs
/s/ vs. ‘sh’

knead lead
nip lip
night light
name lame
knock lock
neigh lay
no low
nine line
knot lot
nap lap

file dial
fish dish
fan Dan
four door
five dive
foam dome
fig dig

suit shoot
sock shock
sore shore
sip ship
sack shack
sour shower
seat sheet
Sue shoe

SIWI minimal pairs
/s/ vs. /f/

SIWI minimal pairs
/s/ vs. /f/

SIWI minimal pairs
/n/ vs. ‘sh’

sold fold
sauce force
sort fort
six fix
sit fit
sole foal
cell fell
sole foal
sore four

sun fun
seed feed
sound found
seat feet
seal feel
socks fox
saw four
sunny funny
sat fat
sign fine

gnaw shore
knee she
nip ship
nine shine
neat sheet
nut shut
no show
knock shock

SIWI minimal pairs
/w/ vs. /l/

SIWI minimal pairs
/w/ vs. /l/

SIWI minimal pairs
/s/ vs. ‘sh’

wok lock
wine line
weed lead
white light
week leek
weigh lay
wet let 
wick lick 

why lie
wake lake
wait late
weep leap
wink link
Wally lolly

sign shine
sew show
sip ship
saw shore
sock shock

SIWI minimal pairs
/n/ vs. /s/

SFWF minimal pairs
/n/ vs. ‘ng’

SIWI minimal pairs
‘th’ vs. /f/

gnaw saw
nine sign
nails sails
kneel seal
neat seat
nip sip
knock sock
no sew

Ron wrong
pin Ping
win wing
thin thin

thin fin
thaw four
thought fort
thread Fred
thorn fawn
three free
thirst first

SIWI minimal pairs
/v/ vs. /b/

SIWI minimal pairs
/l/ vs. /j/


vase bars
vest best
vat bat
V B (Vee-Bee)
vote boat
van ban
vow bow
very berry

lawn yawn
Lou you
lap yap
less yes
lucky yucky
luck yuck


Structural Processes (Syllable Structure Processes)

Near minimal pairs singleton vs. cluster /p/ vs. /sp/

Near minimal pairs singleton vs. cluster /l/ vs. /sl/

Near minimal pairs singleton vs. cluster /s/ vs. /sk/

pie spy
peach speech
pot spot
pit spit
pin spin
pill spill

leap sleep
lip slip
low slow

sails scales
sip skip
see ski
sore score

Near minimal pairs singleton vs. cluster /s/ vs. /st/

Near minimal pairs singleton vs. cluster /t/ vs. /st/

Near minimal pairs singleton vs. cluster /t/ vs. /st/ SFWF

sick stick
sack stack
seal steal
soup stoop

take stake
talk stork
tar star
tack stack
top stop
tool stool
tick stick

beat Beast
Bert burst
wet west
coat coast
goat ghost
wait waist
net nest
pet pest
feet feast
vet vest

Near minimal pairs singleton vs. cluster /w/ vs. /sw/

Near minimal pairs singleton vs. cluster /k/ vs. /sk/

Near minimal pairs singleton vs. cluster /n/ vs. /sn/

wing swing
weep sweep
well swell
wheat sweet
witch switch

key ski
cat scat
car scar
core score
cool school

nail snail
knees sneeze
no snow
nought Snort
nap snap

Near minimal pairs singleton vs. cluster /m/ vs. /sm/

Near minimal pairs singleton vs. cluster /l/ vs. l-cluster

Near minimal pairs singleton vs. cluster /r/ vs. /tr/

Mog smog
mash smash
mall small
mile smile
Mac smack

low glow
lip flip
lap clap
loud cloud
lock block
leap sleep
lean clean
lime climb
low blow
love glove

rash trash
ray tray
rim trim
rain train
rack track
Rick trick

Near minimal pairs singleton vs. cluster /r/ vs. r-cluster

Minimal pairs cluster vs. cluster /sk/ vs. /st/


root fruit
rat brat
red bread
rip drip
rain train
row throw

scoop stoop
school stool
scout stout
score store
sky sty
skate state
skill still
scamp stamp


Clusters SIWI

/skr/ SIWI
scream screen scratch scrub screw

/str/ SIWI
stream string strawberries strum streetlight street strong straight struggle stretch strict strain stripes

/kr/ SIWI
crash crawl crutches crab cry crayon crane crack crumb cross crew crow crowd crown

/gr/ SIWI
green grass greet grapes grouch grow Grover great grin grill

/tr/ SIWI
triangle track trash tractor train treasure trick trumpet tree trolley truck trap trio tray trim trophy

/dr/ SIWI
dream draw drive drum dragon dress drop drill drip drink

/br/ SIWI
Bradley Bruce Brett Brendan Brian bricks brown bronco branch bright bread broken broom bride branches break breaking Bryony Brenda Briane Bronnie Brianna

/sp/ SIWI
speech spill spit space spade spark Spice Girls spot sponge spud spoon spider Spiderman spine spire spy

/st/ SIWI
steam stick stay stairs steps stag star stop stamp stone stork stoop sty stir stool

/pr/ SIWI
prince princess pram prawn prune pretty proud price prize

/kl/ SIWI
clean Clag clock cloth clog club claw clothes clever close clown cloud climb

/fl/ SIWI
fleece flea flip flake flame flag flat flash fly flock flute floor float flower

/sm/ SIWI
smell small smart smash smog smudge smoke smile

/sn/ SIWI
snail sneeze snip Sneeches snake snap snooze snow snore snort

Near minimal pairs final consonant Inclusion

Near minimal pairs final consonant inclusion

Near minimal pairs final consonant inclusion

tea team
tie tide
hoe hope
play plane
car calf
pea peep
shoe shoot
low load

high hide
see seat
shoe shoot
she sheep
cow couch
sore sort
sea seed
low load
say save

buy bike
sew soap
ow! out
bee beach
pie pile
row road
moo move
car card

Near minimal pairs initial consonant inclusion /h/

Near minimal pairs initial consonant inclusion /f/

Near minimal pairs initial consonant inclusion /k/

"A" hay
"E" he
"I" high
"O" hoe
("U" who - yoo-hoo)
eye high
air hair
old hold
eel heel
art heart
edge hedge

arm farm
eel feel
in fin
air fair
oar four
ace face
eat feet
ill fill
oh foe
ox fox
ale fail

"R" car
art cart
ache cake
oar core
ape cape
air care
old cold
aim came
ill kill
arm calm
off cough

Near minimal pairs initial consonant inclusion ‘sh’

Near minimal pairs initial consonant inclusion /s/

Near minimal pairs initial consonant inclusion /t/

shower hour
share air
shy eye
shake ache
shape ape
shawl all
shell "L
shout out

seal eel
sell "L"
seat eat
sad add
soak oak
sold old
saw oar
soil oil
sour hour

in tin
eye tie
ache take
aim tame
air tear
ape tape
old told
art tart

Near minimal pairs initial consonant  inclusion

us bus
ape tape
out shout
eye pie
eel peel
air chair
ache take
old fold



Vowel contrasts

'er' vs. 'or'
bored bird / cord curd / Paul pearl / bought Bert / short shirt / torn turn /call curl  / lawn learn /walk work / warm worm / fawn fern / born burn / a bored bird / a warm worm / a short shirt / a coarse curse

Regarding 'er'!   In Australian English /r/ is not pronounced in pearl, shirt, etc.
pearl shirt purse purr bird burn burst term turn dirt curve girl fern fur third thirst search serve sir shirt chirp church nurse nerdlearn worm squirm search hurt earth surf

Vowel Contrasts
cub cab / rush rash/ cub cab/rush rash /truck track /bud bad /cut cat /hut hat /mud mad / bug bag /cup cap /fun fan

Vowel Contrasts
duck - deck /bunch - bench /bug - beg /nut - net /money - many /bud - bed

Singletons SIWI

/p/ SIWI
pea peach peel peep pig pick pill Po pink paint paste pay peck peg pen pest pet pan park poor pool post purr pie pile Piglet Pooh Percy

/b/ SIWI
bee beach bead bean beat big beak bin bear Barbie Barney Barney bell 'baby bird's balloon' 'baby bird' bed best back bus boot book ball bowl bone bore bored Bobo bird bike buy bite Big Bird Babar but butt
bad bud beard bead bird bed

/t/ SIWI
teach tease team tent tick tin tip tail Ted tell tack tap top tape toe tie toll talk torch tear tore tall town tight Tinky Winky Thomas Terence

/d/ SIWI
dig dip dish ditch Dipsy die deck duck doll dark dot desk door dome dirt dial dice dive

key king kiss cage Ken cake Kate case cab calf cow cash cap car card corn comb come cool cook coach coast coat

/g/ SIWI
goose game gate girl gum goat gold gown go ghost Gordon

/h/ SIWI
he heap 'Rat in a Hat' Henry heat heel hill hip hit hiss hair head hen hand hat heart hop hot hug hut hoop hush hook hoe hold high hole hose horse hawk hope horn hide hive Happy

/f/ SIWI
feast feed feel feet fig fin fit fish fair fall fan fat farm fast fun food foal foot phone force fork four fern fight file fine fire five Fred

/v/ SIWI
vase vest vet van vat vote voice vine Vegemite 'Vera Violet Vinn'

/s/ SIWI
seal sit seat sock seed sum sick sun sing suit sail sew same soap sell soak sack sold sad salt sip sauce sink saw sea sort sword side Sam-I-Am Celeste

/z/ SIWI
zip zoo zoom Zac zed zebra

'sh'  SIWI
she sheep sheet shin ship shake shape shave shed shell shack shut sharp shock shop shoot shoe shine shawl shore shirt short shout shy Shawn

'th' SIWI
thief thick thin thing think thank thatch thong thud thumb thump thaw thought third thirst thigh

'ch' SIWI
cheep cheek cheese cheer chick chin chip chase chair chest chimp chat chop chew choose chalk chore child Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang

jeans jeep Jack jar jam jet jug jump juice jelly joke Jeff

/w/ SIWI
week weed weep wheat wheel whip wick wig win wind wing whale waist wait wake wave weigh web wet well west wag one won wash watch wok wood wolf walk wall Wilma warm whirl work worm world Wally Waldo Wanda why wine wipe wire

/j/ SIWI
year yell yes yak yap yacht yard young yuk yum you yolk yawn Yolanda

/l/ SIWI
lead leap leaf lick leek lift lean Laa Laa lid lace lame late lay let lamb lap last lock log love lunch lasso letter ladder look loaf load low long learn little loud lion lie light line like lime Lulu

/r/ SIWI
read rich rig rim Robin Rattie Rat ring rip wrist race rage rail rain rake ray red rack rock Ron run roof room rope robe rose row Ronald wrong round rice ride write Rin-Tin-Tin

The Teddies in Bananas in Pyjamas are Amy, Morgan and Lulu. The Bananas are B1 and B2, and the other main character is The Rat in a Hat.

/m/ SIWI
me meal mean meet Mickey Minnie milk mail make men man map march mud moo moon move mouse mice

/n/ SIWI
knead neat knit nib nip name nail neigh neck nap knock knot none nut nose gnaw nurse noise knife nice nine

/b/ vs. /t/ and /b/ vs. /d/ CVCs
boat beat bite boot beet beat bat Bert bit bought bait

No final consonant in Australian and NZ English

pea pay Pooh paw purr pie pow poi Pa
bee bay boo bore burr buy bow boy bar bow
tea two tore tie toy ta toe
"D" day do door die dough
key Kay coo core cur cow coy car
gay goo guy go
four fur far foe
"V" vie vow
sea say Sue sore sir sigh sow soy sew
zoo zee
she shoe shore shy show
he hay who her high how hoe
chew chore
"G" "J" jaw joy jar Joe
me May moo more my Ma
knee neigh gnaw now  no
lay Lou law lie low
we way woo war why wow woe
ray roo raw rye Roy row

No initial consonant





Aviator oyna cox olk?l?rd? h?r gun daha cox populyarlasan maraql? pul oyunudur. Sad?liyi v? yuks?k qazanma nisb?ti il? cox qumarbaz?n ur?yini qazand?.