Worksheets: Within Word ("Medial") Consonants

This resource page contains many examples of picture-and-word work sheets intended for use in speech-language pathology intervention.

The sheets were made in Microsoft Word, using copyright-free pictures and stock photos, mainly from Microsoft Clip Art and Media, and converted into portable document files (pdfs) using Adobe Acrobat.

The vocabulary represents (non-rhotic) Australian English pronunciation, and although most of the words and minimal pairs will 'work' in other dialects of English you may need to discard some. For example, pairs like saw-shore, and spa-star are minimal pairs in Australian English and in other non-rhotic varieties of English, but not in rhotic dialects such as Canadian, Irish, Scottish and most US 'Englishes'.

SLPs/SLTs and students are invited to use these worksheets and other resources when working with children with speech sound disorders. You are free to save them to your computer and to customize them to suit individual clients and to fit your service delivery model. The restrictions that apply to their use are stated in the site's copyright notice.

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On this page you will find within-word consonant worksheets for syllable initial within word (SIWW) and syllable final within word (SFWW) consonants, also known as "medial consonants".

Obstruents: Stops, Fricatives and Affricates

Obstruents, shown on the Place-Voice-Manner Chart below, are consonants made by obstructing the airstream (cf. Sonorant). The obstruents are the stops, fricatives and affricates.



/p/ Syllable Initial Word Initial and Syllable Initial Within Word
paper poppy pepper puppy purple people

/p/ Syllable Initial Within Word
slipper shopping nipper supper staple opal

/p/ Syllable Final Within Word
popsicle pipeline shepherd lipstick cupcake jumpsuit


/b/ Syllable Initial Within Word
baby bubbles rabbit cubby house table cupboard

/b/ Syllable Final Within Word
cabinet tablet cobbler submarine hubcap strobe-light


/t/ Syllable Initial Within Word
letter button bottle rattle scooter quarter

/t/ Syllable Final Within Word
coat-hanger hat-rack hot-dog football sweet-pea dirt-bike


/d/ Syllable Initial Within Word
window Sunday candle radio crocodile garden

/d/ Syllable Final Within Word
bread-knife bed-bug road-map swordfish woodpile codfish


/k/ Syllable Initial Within Word
rocket jacket locker rocking-horse package baker

/k/ Syllable Final Within Word
backpack bookshelf picnic cockroach necklace chalkboard


/g/ Syllable Initial Within Word
finger jungle organ yoga piggy-bank tiger

/g/ Syllable Final Within Word
egg-cup dog-house fig-leaf pigsty leg-warmers bug-spray 



/f/ Syllable Initial Within Word
sofa coffee elephant surfer microphone alphabet

/f/ Syllable Final Within Word
roof-tiles knife-block lifesaver cough-drops cufflinks kaftan


/v/ Syllable Initial Within Word
skivvy TV diver oven seven shovel

/v/ Syllable Final Within Word
dovecote stovepipe caveman waveform give-way love-heart

Voiceless th

voiceless th Syllable Final Within Word
birthday bathtub faithful pathogens mothballs untruthful

voiceless th Syllable Initial Within Word
healthy panther nothing marathon Dorothy author


voiced TH Syllable Initial Within Word
weather mother breathing father feather brother


/s/ Syllable Initial Within Word
messy parcel dinosaur casserole blossom pussy pencil taxi rhinoceros croissant lasso icing bassoon insect fossil bison glasses jig-saw basin unicycle bicycle tricycle vaccination synthesizer consultation juicer

/s/ Syllable Final Within Word
basket toaster ice-cream pasta listen cassette Australia restaurant saucepan crossword insect houseboat Christmas tree hospital baseball Easter bunny escalator investigator


/z/ Syllable Initial Within Word
daisy lizard scissors houses roses trousers

/z/ Syllable Final Within Word
buzz-saw cheeseboard hosepipe Tuesday nosegay rosebush


sh Syllable Initial Within Word
parachute window-washer bushes dishes bulrushes masher

sh Syllable Final Within Word
dishwasher fish-bowl trash-can wishbone cash-register dashboard


zh Syllable Initial Within Word
treasure television tape-measure Asia explosion Persian-cat


/h/ Syllable Initial Within Word
beehive race-horse coat-hanger jackhammer grasshopper hard-hat



ch Syllable Initial Within Word
matches butcher catcher pitcher crutches watches

ch Syllable Final Within Word
watch-tower hatchling patchwork archway beach-ball hitchhiker


dg Syllable Initial Within Word
badger pyjamas pages detergent magician imagination

dg Syllable Final Within Word
orange-juice stage-fright fudge-bar stage-lights fridge-door hedgerow

Sonorants: Nasals, Liquids and Glides

Sonorants are consonants (nasals, liquids and glides) or vowels produced without obstruction of the airstream (cf. Obstruent).



/m/ Syllable Initial Within Word
pyjamas camera comet doormat dormouse policeman

/m/ Syllable Final Within Word
homework cream-cake gemstone farmhouse plum-tree drumstick


/n/ Syllable Initial Within Word
honey bonnet vacuum-cleaner corner money doorknob

/n/ Syllable Final Within Word
fantail beanstalk phone-box corn-cob moonlight spoonful


ng Syllable Final Within Word
monkey bangle single-bed jingle-bells long-jump donkey



/l/ Syllable Initial Within Word
balloon pillow aloe ballet bollard follow collar sailor silly Billy pulley Collie willow colour | color silo dollar Wally | Waldo rally teller pilot tiler bowler olives pollen tulip alien swallow police yellow ruler roller Felix pylon gallery million relay chameleon salute Milo pillion waterlily elephant Holland Poland New Zealand Malaysia Philippines Ireland

/l/ Syllable Final Within Word
mealtime wheelbarrow pillbox shellfish school-bus girlfriend


/r/ Syllable Initial Within Word
ferry carrot giraffe cherry porridge canary berries iris beetroot zebra arrow terrier



/w/ Syllable Initial Within Word
hardware carwash station wagon underwear fireworks highwire homework seaweed stopwatch firewood dishwasher sandwich


/j/ Within Word
Bunyip papaya emu onion kayak W costume lanyard million spaniel bilious pillion confused stallion bunion bayou billiards unusual

Clusters within words

/mb/ within word
number amble Womble Wimbledon ember Zumba remember embossing amber   Jumbo bumblebee ambush member emblem bamboo combat humble chamber grumble combine embassy Lambeth jumble ambition comeback drumbeat cucumber assembly ambulance cymbal embellish lumber combustion ambassador bamboozled cumbersome  symbol ambiguous embarrassed ambivalent Chamberlain flamboyant

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