Slide Show Help

PowerPoint 2007 ppsx files

The slide shows on this site are made with PowerPoint 2007 and are ppsx files (xml files) associated with Office 2007 and later. Wikipedia provides a detailed explanation of Office Open XML files (see item #56 in the References).

PowerPoint 97-2003 pps files

PowerPoint 97-2003 pps files cannot be uploaded to this site because the content management system (CMS) does not recognise the old pps file type.

Opening ppsx shows with a pre-2007 version of PowerPoint

If you wish to view and save the files here and have an older version of PowerPoint relying on Office 97 Office 2000 or Office 2003 compatibility, and cannot upgrade, you can download and install converters for PowerPoint 2003 or earlier from the Mocrosoft site.

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