On this page you will find links to information about the development of speech and language in children. The speech development pages include information about expectations of speech clarity or intelligibility, phonetic development, phonological development and the typical "errors" that occur in young children's speech. The language development pages deal with receptive and expressive language development, Brown's Stages of Syntactic and Morphological Development and how to perform a Structural Analysis of a language sample.


Ages and Stages Summary (Language)

Brown's Stages (Language)

Inconsistency in Child Phonology

Puzzle Phenomenon, Lexical Selection, Co-articulation

Structural Analysis of a Language Sample

Table 1: Intelligibility

Table 2: Phonological Processes

Table 3: Elimination of Phonological Processes

Table 4: Phonetic Development

Twins: Development and Language

Typical Speech and Language Acquisition in Infants and Young Children

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