Worksheets: Revisions, repairs and the 'fixed-up-one' routine


Revisions and Repairs

The "fixed-up-one" routine is a metalinguistic technique that enables adults to talk simply to children about making revisions and repairs and how to do so. Scripts are provided to families to introduce them to the technique.

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On this page you will find two slide shows explaining the fixed-up-one technique and scripts for substutution processes, syllable structure processes, and vowel replacement.

Slide Shows

Fixed-up-One Routine - Revisions and Repairs (8 slides)

Fixed-up-One Routine - Revisions and Repairs (21 Slides)

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Substitution Processes

Fixed-up-One Routine for Interdental /s/ and /z/  (soup ⇒ thoup, zebra ⇒ thebra)

Fixed-up-One Routine for Gliding of /l/ (/w/ vs. /l/ lock ⇒ wok)

Fixed-up-One Routine for Velar Fronting (car ⇒ tar) (1)

Fixed-up-one Routine for Velar Fronting (car ⇒ tar, girl ⇒ derl) (2)

Fixed-up-One Routine for Stopping of the fricative /f/ (fork ⇒ pork)

Fixed-up-One-Routine for Gliding of /f/ (fork ⇒ walk)

Fixed-up-One Routine for /s/ vs /h/ (seal ⇒ heel)

Fixed-up-one-Routine for Palatal Fronting (shower ⇒ sour)

Fixed-up-one Routine for Backing of Alveolar Stops (tin ⇒ kin, doll ⇒ goll)

Syllable Structure Processes

Fixed-up-One Routine for Final Consonant Deletion (bike ⇒ buy)

Fixed-up-One Routine for /sn/ Cluster Reduction (snail ⇒ nail)

Fixed-up-One Routine for Weak Syllable Deletion (computer ⇒ puter)

Fixed-up-one Routine for for the Adjuncts /sp/, /st/, /sk/ (stop ⇒ top)

Fixed-up-one-Routine for /sn and /sm/ (snail ⇒ nail, smoke ⇒ moke)

Vowel Replacements

Fixed-up-One-Routine for OR vs ER (bird ⇒ bored)

Fixed-up-one Routine for E as in Ben vs U as in bun (deck ⇒ duck)


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