Many Repeats - 'to make the words easy to say'

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In supporting the speech and language progress of children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) or suspected CAS (sCAS), it is necessary for children to be encouraged to produce their practice words and longer utterances many times.

Achieving the necessary intensity of drill can be difficult, requiring patience and ingenuity from SLPs/SLTs and parents. Here are two slide shows for SLPs/SLTs to use to demonstrate to parents what is meant by 'many repeats'.

Note that early in intervention with very young children with CAS/sCAS, 'many repeats' may not be a realistic goal. For most children it is something you build up to.

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Andrew Bear

Andrew Bear - Many Repeats - 22 slides ppsx - opens in a new window
Drill for beginning beginners 'to make the words easy to say', seeding the ideas of winning a 'prize' or a 'medal' for producing many repeats.

Andrew Bear and Boo

Andrew Bear and Boo - Many Repeats - 38 slides ppsx - opens in a new window
This is an extended version of the Andrew Bear slide show from the PowerPoint for the Sound Reasoning CPD1D-02 workshop. This was for a child who loved Andrew Bear and ghosts, which he referred to as 'boo'.

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